Ten Dishes in Kendall Whittier You’ve Probably Never Had

1 & 2) Cuernitos and Jamaica from Pancho Anaya Bakery
CuernitosPancho Anaya is a fifth-generation Mexican bakery located at 2420 E Admiral Boulevard. Their pastries are made from scratch using traditional recipes and are typically less sweet than jamaicaAmerican pastries. The cuernitos are definitely something to try if you’re into spicy food. The soft crescent-shaped rolls are filled with cream cheese and fresh jalapeños. And if you’ve never tried jamaica (pronounced hi-MY-kah), you’ve been missing a serious thirst-quencher. Ruby-red jamaica is hibiscus tea that is slightly sweet, slightly tart, and completely delicious.

3) Smoked Bologna from Capp’s BBQ
capp's2Capp’s is worth checking out for some classic barbecue. Smoked bologna is an “Oklahoma thing” you won’t find on menus in other parts of the country. It’s something everyone should try and Capp’s smoked bologna is especially good! We think you’ll be coming back for more! Head over to 2604 East 11th Street.

4 & 5) Piña de Mariscos and Chilaquiles from Calaveras Mexican Grill
piñade mariscosTry these amazing dishes at one of Tulsa’s hottest new restaurants — Calaveras Mexican Grill. chilaquilesThe piña de mariscos is a pineapple sliced in half, then filled with delicious seafood in a white sauce. It satisfies every type of craving. And for breakfast, you have to try their chilaquiles (pronounced chee lah KEY lays). It’s a traditional Mexican dish of crispy fried corn tortillas, red salsa, scrambled eggs, and lots of cheese, topped with fresh avocado. A hearty start to the day! They are located at 2326 East Admiral Blvd.

6) Nitro Coffee from Hoot Owl Coffee
hoot owlHoot Owl Coffee’s flagship store is located on the corner of Admiral and Lewis. They roast their coffee in-house so all of their drinks are exquisite. If you’re looking to try something different, check out their Nitro coffee. It’s cold brew coffee served from a nitrous tap (similar to Guinness). The result is a rich and creamy texture, perfect on hot days… or any time!

7 & 8) Ensalada de Camarones and Horchata from Cancun International Restaurant
camaroneshorchataCancun’s has been serving delicious Mexican food at 705 South Lewis for over 20 years! They’re famous for their giant Super Burritos, but for something a bit lighter, try their ensalada de camarones. This shrimp salad combines cucumbers, tomato, and onions with citrus and herbs to create a delectable dining experience. Another item to try is their horchata, which is a slightly sweet rice milk flavored with cinnamon. This is the perfect beverage to accompany a spicy Mexican meal. At Cancun, they make their horchata in-house. You can taste the difference!

9) Chicken Tawook from Dena’s Lebanese Cuisine
dena'sOpen for lunch or dinner, Dena’s is the place to go in Tulsa for delicious Lebanese food. You can find it at 2615 East 11th Street. If you’re looking to try a classic Middle Eastern dish, the chicken tawook is absolutely scrumptious. The garlic paste on top is especially great for garlic lovers. It is also served with fresh pita and hummus.

10) Hamburguesa at Pollo al Carbon
polloPollo al Carbon is a food truck located in the parking lot behind Hoot Owl Coffee. They serve incredibly authentic Mexican food and everything is highly recommended. However, if you’re looking to expand on your palate, try their version of a hamburger. The hamburguesa starts with the classic American burger and tops it with a sliced hot dog and house-made green salsa. Ask for extra napkins!